Our Prowl Dance Team Studio Sponsor! 

Welcome to MVHS DANCE!
At MVHS, the dance program is a venue for students to gather a well rounded experience of different dance forms. This upcoming school year, we will host three dance shows: one in January for our student choreography, 
one for our Prowl Dance Team in March, and one in May for our big end of the year show.  Our dance program levels are: Beginning Dance, Intermediate Dance, Advanced Dance, and Expert. Students in all dance levels study  Jazz, Hip-hop, Choreography, and Contemporary. In addition to those styles, advanced dance sections (levels 3 and 4) also study Dance Improvisation, Lyrical, Modern, and Ballet as well. Students are subjected to multiple styles of dance to broaden their training and increase their knowledge in dance. Students in the dance program are encouraged to be active in the dance community and are given multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. 

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